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It may look like an office, but for some it is more... a home! Our three-story building has three ground-level warehouses, a second floor containing the offices, and a third floor reserved for Mr. Heym's residence.

Some of us call it work, others call it home. Our warehouse level is divided into three sections. One section is reserved for air filters. We stock an array of different sizes. We specialize in custom-sized filters, creating a market niche by being able to provide an infinite number of air filter sizes. If we don't stock your size, we will make it for you. Our other two sections store our vast selection of circulating pumps along with assortments of other products we provide. Our inventory includes wet-rotor circulating pumps, from cast iron to stainless steel. We provide flanges, seal & gasket kits, pump heads, terminal boxes, and other parts needed to service our pumps.

Along with circulating pumps Alaska Winter's inventory includes products such as fans, access doors, vibration isolation, balancing valves, VAV boxes, diffuser slots, water heaters, and various accessories for the equipment we represent. Alaska Winter provides Alaska with many mechanical needs, and having it readily available is one more step ahead the competition.